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Lorena Díaz
Madrid, España

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ProfileLorena Díaz

Born on April 4th.
Joined FairChanges on may 29th, 2015.

Labamba project, es un proyecto de moda slow creado por la diseñadora Lorena Diaz en el norte de España.
Nuestra filosofía es crear prendas bonitas, cuidando a las personas y el mediambiente, por ello nuestras colecciones son pequeñas producciones que se fabrican y distribuyen localmente, utilizando los mejores materiales ecológicos y procesos muy artesanales.
Cada prenda está realizada por personas que cuidan al máximo todos los detalles con mucho cuidado y amor.

ShopLabamba project

Made with organic fabrics and love in the north of Spain

Labamba project is a slow clothing brand founded in 2014 by fashion and graphic designer, Lorena Diaz based in the north of Spain.

The collections by project Labamba are made with the utmost care using only high quality natural fabrics. In recognition of artisan work and the love for all handmade things, each piece is produced in small professional workshops in Spain with the aspiration to remain sustainable and timeless. Made to order, the resulting pieces are delicate, whimsical and comfortable garments, which allow one’s imagination to run wild as they transform into an extension of the person wearing it.

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