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The green pro-human rights marketplace

The green pro-human rights marketplace

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about us

fair / reasonable, equitable.
changes / evolutions, transformations.

"What we consume makes us less healthy. {health}
Millions of people have difficulties in accessing the labor market. {wealth}
Never before in history existed so much slavery. {love}

In the world there are more than 2,700 million people with internet access.
Million people TOGETHER can make a big difference in favor of sustainability."

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Buy on FairChanges

"Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote
for the kind of world you want".
Anna Lappè

FairChanges is the place to buy and sell products and services on the internet under three premises:

to restore the health to people and the planet.

{without the middleman}
to support committed producers.

{without slavery or child labor}
banishing abusive practices against human rights.

When shopping on FairChanges you are sending your money directly to the producer.
He is the one who creates and manages his own online shop on FairChanges.

These are some of the extra tags you can find. Also, you can search by keyword, proximity or categories.

Donates to charity Certified Fairtrade Local sourcing Organic. No chemicals or genetic manipulation Recycled Sustainable terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems Vegetarian Handmade Integrator of groups at risk of exclusion Certified Designation of Origin

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Sell on FairChanges

FairChanges is the pro-human rights marketplace.
It is a technological base where committed creators and producers create and manage their own online shops.
"Aesthetics is important. Ethics is essential."
The three requirements are that any product or service being advertised on the platform is:

so that the environmental impact is low

{without middlemen}
the seller has to be the brand itself, and it can use any other additional sales channel

{no slavery or child labor}
ensuring dignified working conditions

Do you meet the three premises and want to show your products to the world? Create your sustainable shop in minutes:
1. Sign up.
2. Sign in with your login data and click on the header on Wanna sell?
3. Complete the form and start creating your listings.
We will check your information, and we'll publish if it's correct.

And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Create my shop

{think global, act local}
On FairChanges the work of responsible creators gets global relevance.
And local consumption is favored thanks to geolocation of products and services in proximity.

The contract is the acceptance of our terms and conditions.
There's no minimum sales or permanence commitment.
You can indicate local pickup points if you choose not to ship.
You can indicate the order processing time. It's not necessary to have stock of your products.
As a producer you set the price and receive payment from the buyer. This way he knows that the money comes directly to you.
As a producer you send through your usual channels. This way you know that is the original product what reaches the buyer, and shipping and packaging duplication is avoided.

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eAwards Best agency for design and creation of online shops
Young Entrepreneurs of Castilla y León Award
Shortlisted Sustainable Brands London Innovation Open
Second Prize Innovative eCommerce Idea IEBS
Shortlisted Lánzate Innova Category
Shortlisted UEIA Ignition
Enterpreneurs Program of Caja de Burgos Foundation
Permanent Working Group member for Fair Trade Cities
Shortlisted for Zinc Shower
Semifinalist My Elevator Pitch
Social Entrepreneurship Call of La Caixa Foundation
Solidarity and Human Rights UCM Young Award

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