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El mercat verd pro-drets humans

El mercat verd pro-drets humans

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Viki & Orsi
Budapest, Hungary

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PerfilViki & Orsi

Es va unir a Fairchanges el novembre 12th 2015.

We are two mothers of three free-range kids (and a dog) and we are inspired by ethnic/folk design, consciuos choices and kind life. We chose to design sustainable homeware from hemp fabric due to its simply great qualities superior to industrialized cotton. Skin-friendly, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory. Durable, warm and resistant yet light and soft. Super absorbent yet dries out fast. Good to Earth, kind to men.

BotigaRokka Design

Conscious Lifestyle in Hemp Fabric

Consciously made goods for everyday use fit for a simple lifestyle yet with a touch of luxury due to pure hemp fabric, mindful details and comfortable design.

Our love for all things ethnic, natural fabrics, rustic chic home decor, ecofriendly and sustainable lifestyle brought us together for the textile boutique business of Rokka Design. The creative vision behind Rokka Design has been to bring sustainable design into everyday life with various product lines that involve Hungarian folk patterns and slow (eco) fashion. We are determined to offer products that have a personal and approachable feel, with a touch of luxury due to best quality fabrics, fine details and careful design.

Organic hemp fabric from local manufacturers in Transylvania (often referred to as providing the most eco-friendly hemp textiles) proved to be a perfect addition to our vision. Hemp fabric uses less chemicals to produce and is softer, warmer, more absorbent and durable than cotton. Hemp fabric also possesses strong anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial qualities, as well as anti-fungal properties, hence it is optimal for our main product lines: Bedroom, Bath & SPA, Kitchen & Picnic and Furoshiki.

Sustainability is a natural and implicit part of our creative process for it goes hand in hand with what we aspire to with Rokka. That is: surround yourself with beautiful and carefully designed personal articles (be kind to yourself), choose reusable and meaningful gifts (be kind to others) and embrace ecofriendly alternatives (be kind to nature).

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