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El mercat verd pro-drets humans

El mercat verd pro-drets humans

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How can I register on FairChanges?

Registering is free and easy. At the top of the website you'll find the Register button. By clicking on it you can:

  • · Register with your Facebook account
  • · Or register with your email

You must provide a username and password.

By clicking register you'll receive an email with a confirmation link. You'll have to confirm it.

You should register just once. Afterwards you can sign in through the Log-in button entering your password and your email or username. If you signed up with Facebook, you can simply click on the icon with the Facebook "f". It's that simple.

What if I haven’t received the confirmation email?

Check the "Junk" or "Spam" folder of your email account. To ensure you receive all our notifications, add no_reply@fairchanges.com to your address book.
If you want us to resend the confirmation email, sign in on FairChanges through the Log-in or "f" button and click on the message below the header.

How I can sign-in?

If you are not registered yet, register by clicking on the button of the header.
If you are already registered, don't sign up again. Registration has to be done only once. To sign in just click on the Log-in button of the header, or on the "f" button to sign in though Facebook if you registered with Facebook.

I can’t remember my FairChanges password. How can I sign in?

When trying to sign in on FairChanges by the Log-in button on the header you'll need to enter the data with which you registered.
If you signed in via Facebook just click the "f" button.
If you registered by email, you can enter the same email you registered with or your username. And then your password. If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot your password? within the login screen and we'll send you an email so you can reset it.

How can I change my FairChanges password?

When you've signed in on FairChanges, below your username on the header you'll find the option User Configuration. There you'll be able to change your FairChanges password. You'll receive a confirmation email. Be sure to add no_reply@fairchanges.com to your address book to receive our communications correctly.

How I can contact another user?

On FairChanges you can contact the seller or any user through private messages.
In the different screens, such as the profile, shop, listing, purchases, etc. you'll find the Contact button.
And on the header on the icon with the envelope you'll be able to check your messages when you've signed in.

Can I change my feedback?

Each time you make a transaction, had you bought or sold an item, you can leave feedback for the other user. You can choose between positive, neutral or negative feedback, and you can also enter a public message. For this go to Feedback I your user area.
If you issued a neutral or negative rating it might be that the other party has done something to improve the situation. You have the opportunity to change your feedback in those cases. In your Feedback left for others you'll find a symbol of a pencil under negative or neutral ratings that will let you edit them.

I don’t want my name and email address to be public. Can I sign in on FairChanges?

Of course. We respect your privacy. So when you sign up on FairChanges, the fields Name and Surname are not mandatory. You can just provide a username.
The shipping address is visible to the seller when you place an order, so he/she can ship the order to your address, but it's hidden for search engines like Google. The same happens with your email address.


How I can look for items, shops and users?

In any FairChanges screen you'll see a brown tab called SEARCH on the left side. When clicking on it you can access the search menu. You can filter products by proximity to a given location, in your favorites, within a shop, in a category, with certain labels, or search for shops and users.

How I can shop on FairChanges?

Everytime you find an item you want to buy, just press the Add to Cart button on the listing screen or the Buy it on the thumbnail view. You can do with all those items you want and in the quantities you wish, providing that they are available and ship to your location.
You can access the shopping cart at any time by clicking on the brown cart icon you'll find on the header.
To complete your purchase you must sign up or sign in, as the system will need to know who to ship the order to.

Can I buy several items at once?

FairChanges allows you to purchase without intermediaries. This means, each producer runs his/her own store, set the price and the shipping costs and is responsible for delivering your order to your address.
Once you've added several items to your cart, you'll see that they are grouped by shops. You can shop several items and several units from one seller, and several items and several units from another one. Your orders will arrive in two separate shipments, as each seller is independent of the other.

Is there any risk when shopping online?

FairChanges is a community for ethical trade, but there will always be unscrupulous people willing to take advantage of others. Therefore we recommend that before you complete your purchase you check the feedback of the store. If the seller has not ratings yet you can contact him/her via a private message (Contact button). The risk of problems with your order is very low, and we hope that your shopping experience on FairChanges is as pleasant as possible, but we have not control the universe, so we kindly ask that you check the opinions of other users and act with common sense.
To avoid long shippings in which a small number of shipments could got lost, you can search for items near you by using the brown SEARCH tab on the left. You'll save on shipping, pollution, and you'll develop local consumption in your area. Furthermore, products marked with the Km0 seal allow local pickup for free.

How I can pay my order on FairChanges?

In FairChanges you pay directly to the seller. You can choose among different payment methods: PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. The payment gateway has been verified and approved by PayPal for your security.

I have added a product to the cart. Do I need to register to buy it?

Yes, as the system will need to recognize your data, so that the seller can send your order. You may register by clicking on the Register button on the header. And if you're already registered, you can simply sign in by clicking the Login button.

I have questions about a product. How can I contact the seller?

On FairChanges you can send the seller a private message via the Contact button you'll find the profile of the producer.
You can chek all your messages by clicking on the envelope icon of the header when you've signed in.

How much are the shipping costs?

On FairChanges each producer runs his/her own online shop, and it's each producer the one who sets the price of items, chooses areas and sets the shipping costs. On the listing you'll be able to see how much is the shipping for the item alone or when purchased together with other items from the same shop (combined shipping).

¿Puedo hacer compras a otros países?

Yes. Many sellers ship internationally. Before proceeding to checkout, check the shop policies. And keep in mind that in the case of imports of a certain amount, your country may charge customs fees, that you'll have to assume as a buyer.

How long will it take before I receive my order?

It depends on each producer. Check it on the listing view, or in the shop policies, and if you have questions, contact the seller via a private message by clicking on the Contact button on his/her profile.
If it's very urgent for you to receive an item, try to browse items in your proximity by clicking the brown SEARCH tab you'll find to the left. The Km0 seal also identifies those items that you allow local pickup without paying shipping costs.

Which are the shipping areas?

Each producer decides where to send. Before purchasing a product, check the shipping areas on the listing. If you want to buy an item that does not ship to your country, you can contact the seller via private message through the Contact button. Clicking on the brown SEARCH tab on the left you'll be able to look for products in your proximity.

Where can I see my purchases?

Below your name on the header you'll see a dropdown menu. In the section Purchases of your user area you'll find all your orders as a buyer, both open, and completed, and their receipts.

How will I know my order has been sent?

When the seller has shipped your order, he/she will be able to mark it as shipped. At that time you will receive a notification that your order is on its way.

I can ask producers for custom orders?

Of course. You can contact the seller via the Contact button you'll find on the listing or on the seller's profile. You can ask for customized items, for large quantities, etc.
If the seller can satisfy your request, he/she will create a custom listing on FairChanges reserved for you, so you can proceed to safe payment.
Please remember that only completing the whole transaction through FairChanges, you'll have the warranty that both buyer and seller are adding 1 CHANGE, and have the possibility to leave feedback for building you online reputation on the marketplace.


How can I can create my own online shop for free?

The first step is signing up on FairChanges for free. Then you'll be able create your own shop at no cost to sell your items on the internet. Please remind that for selling on FairChanges, all your listings must be: environmentally friendly, without the middleman, and without slavery or child labor.
You'll be able to create an unlimited number of listings for your products at no cost.
The FREE shop plan has no monthly fee. FairChanges manages itself through a small commission for each sale you make. If you don't sell, you don't pay.
There are also two more types of shop plans, STN and PRO, in which you pay a monthly fee in exchange for a lower fee. You can find all the information in the Fees Policy.

How do I receive the money after selling my products?

On FairChanges buyers pay you directly to you. The secure payment method used is PayPal, which allows buyers to pay via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover directly to your PayPal account.
You need to have an active PayPal account in order to receive such payments. If you still haven't got one, you can create it for free in seconds on the PayPal website.

How I can sell items on the internet with FairChanges?

Once you've registered and created your shop, you can click on your shop name on the header and then on Create listing to start selling. In a few steps, you'll be able to give the listing a title and a description.
You'll be able to upload up to three pictures. In case of custom orders, you'll be able to indicate who is it reserved for. And in the case of tickets to events you organize, you indicate the event details.
If applicable, you can choose none, one or several sustainable seals from the ten given.
If you have several identical units of the same item, you can enter the available quantity.
You set the price yourself. When doing it, bear in mind the percentage for FairChanges depending on your shop plan, and the PayPal fees.
And finally, you can choose your shipping countries, enter the shipping costs, and the shipping costs with other items. They will apply when buyers purchase multiple items in the same order.

Do I need to have fair trade or organic seals to sell on FairChanges?

No. It's not necessary. All your items must be environmentally friendly, without the middle man, and without slavery or child labor. But you don't need any additional seal. This way it's easier for small producers.
On FairChanges you can mark your items with none, one or several of these ten sustainable seals: charitable, with local pickup, vegetarian and not tested on animals, handmade, integrator of groups at risk of social exclusion, recycled, fair trade, organic, with protected designation of origin, and from sustainable ecosystems. You'll need to have an official valid certification for the last four ones, and show it to your store available to users. If you don't have it, then simply don't mark your items with those seals when creating the listings.

I don’t ship my items. May I sell on FairChanges?

Yes. It's the common case of a restaurant that shows its dishes on FairChanges, or a bakery. If you don't ship you items, you must allow users to pick them up, or enjoy them, at a certain location without shipping costs. So you must mark the Km0 seal when creating your listing, and enter one or more local pickup locations.

May I sell on FairChanges if I don’t have stock of my items and I just make custom orders?

Yes, but you must clearly indicate it in your listings. Both in the descriptions, as in the title of your items. And it's very important that you enter a processing time, indicating how long would it take you before shipping the order.
Buyers asking for large quantities or custom items, usually contact the seller before proceeding to check out, in order to check availability and terms.

How I can list a custom order requested by a buyer?

If a buyer contacts you asking for a customized item, a large quantity of identical items, etc. you can create a reserved listing on FairChanges, so that the user can proceed to checkout and complete the payment safely.
Create the listing as usual, but indicate in the title and in the description that it is a reserved order. Instead of uploading photographs, you'll have to indicate the name of the reservation.
Please remember that you must complete the whole transaction on FairChanges to have warranty, add 1 CHANGE, and leave / receive feedback for your online reputation.

May I sell tickets for an event or workshop?

Of course. You can sell tickets to a training course, workshop, performance, or any event that you're organizing and meets the philosophy and the terms of FairChanges.
Create the listing as usual and, instead of uploading photos, you'll be able to indicate the info of the event.

Do I need to be registered as a professional to sell on FairChanges?

FairChanges is a great international community of committed producers, artists, artisans... and therefore each entrepreneur or freelance has to comply with the law applicable to their country.

What are the Funds?

FairChanges has created an area within your account called Funds to help you manage your shop easily.
If you're on the FREE plan, you don't have monthly fees, but if you're on STN or PRO shop, your shop fee will be each month withdrawn from your Funds. You'll be able to reload your funds whenever you want to, and increase them thanks to FCH promotions.

Can I use the Funds of my account to make purchases?

No. Your Funds are used exclusively for paying the FairChanges shop monthy fees, except on the FREE plan, where there is no monthly fee.

Where I can see my FairChanges invoices?

FairChanges always issues invoices to each entrepreneur and freelance. You can check yours in your Historic area from the Funds on the header.

I’m going on vacation and I won’t be able to manage my shop for a while. What can I do?

You can put your shop on vacation mode and turn it on when you come back. You have access to this features on the Configuration area of your shop.


Why saving shops and products in my favorites?

FairChanges allows saving shops and items as favorites. This way you not only show your appreciation to others and allow others to do the same with you, but also you can easily browse among the shops and items you've liked the most whenever you want to. In addition, the items that most users have saved in their favorites will appear first when sorted by popularity. Therefore it's so important to be faved.
On the Changing screen you'll be able to see the activity of your favorites on FairChanges, so that they keep on inspiring you.

Where I can see my favorites?

In the dropdown menú that appears under your name you can reach your favorite items and shops. Also, if you have a personal blog, you can embed a widget to show the world your likes and finds on FairChanges.


Can I return the item I purchased?

Each producer has a specific return policy. You can read it in the Policies section of the corresponding shop. Please note that unless stated otherwise, producers usually don't bear the shipping costs in case of returns.

I am the buyer and I want to cancel an order I made by mistake. How I can do it?

To cancel an order you must contact the seller. It's he/she who can cancel the order. Please take into account that each shop has its own policies regarding returns and cancellations. You can check them on the Policies area of the corresponding shop.

I’m the shop owner and a buyer wants me to cancel an order. How can I do it?

First go to the PayPal site, sign in and make the refund of the payment. Secondly go to FairChanges. Go to the corresponding order and mark it as canceled. The order will appear on Cancelled Orders folder. And the buyer will see it under Canceled Purchases.

What do I do if I have not received my order?

In this case we recommend you to contact the seller. Please note that PayPal's secure payment guarantees your order for a certain period. If you are within this period, please visit your PayPal account to read on how to proceed. If you need further help you can also contact us.


Why is it important to send a feedback for the buying and selling transactions?

Why is it important to send a feedback for the buying and selling transactions?
FairChanges users are able to rate each transaction of purchase and/or sale in a positive, negative or neutral way. In this way reputations on the internet are built.
The best way for a seller to attract users to his/her online shop is having many positive reviews. This way he/she generates the necessary trust users need in order to buy the products.

Can I leave my opinion after a purchase?

Of course. It's the best way to promote quality in the service and to build a reputation online that generates trust for buyers.
When shopping on FairChanges, both the seller and the buyer have the possibility to send a feedback to the other party. This review may be positive, negative or neutral depending on whether the purchase and sale was successful or not.
You can express opinions and check feedback you received in the Feedback section of your user area. And you can also check the feedback of others in their respective profiles.

I received a negative or neutral feedback. Can I do anything to improve it?

Yes, you can contact the user who sent the feedback and propose an improvement of the situation. He/she may change the valuation if he/she agrees.

I sent a neutral or negative feedback. Can I modify it?

In case of problems with an order, on FairChanges we advise communication between buyer and seller through private messages (Contact button). It is possible that after a negative or neutral feedback has been sent, one of the parties has done something to solve the problem. The one who sent a neutral or negative feedback can modify it on the Feedback to others screen. Below neutral and negative feedbakcs, an icon with a pencil will appear. It allows editing those feedbacks.

I love the item I purchased on FairChanges. How I can let the seller know it?

If you send the seller a private message through FairChanges saying thanks, only he/she will be able to read it. A better way is sending a positive feedback with a comment, so that others can read it, and it can generate trust to encourage other buyers to buy on that shop.
Also, why not shouting it from the rooftops? Share it with your social networks tagging @FairChanges. You'll cpontribute so that many more people know the benefits of that product. And this activity will be show on the Changing screen.

What’s the Changing screen?

Changing shows the activity of people interacting with FairChanges, shops and products. For example, when someone says something about an item, or tweets, or pins an image of a product from a FairChanges shop on Pinterest. It is the beating of Change on FairChanges at real time. It also shows when someone faves an item or buys it. And as a user you decide whether to publish with your name or anonymously your purchases and favorites.

Where I can see the opinions of other users?

You can see the feedback of a shop on the Feedback area of the seller profile.

Where I can see the sales of a shop?

To take a look at the sales of a shop, click on top of the shop header with the shop name on the Sales area.

How can I contact FairChanges?

If you want to solve a question regarding an ítem, please contact the seller directly by clicking on the Contact button in his/her profile or shop. If you wish to contact FairChanges visit the Contact section at the bottom of the website.

I don’t want to receive the FairChanges newsletters. How can I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe by simply clicking at the bottom of the newsletter you receive.

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