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The green pro-human rights marketplace

The green pro-human rights marketplace

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Barcelona, Espanya

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Joined FairChanges on december 11th, 2013.


Diseños ecológicos para crear tú mismo // Eco-friendly and modern DIY

BRUDIY es un mundo de diseños ecológicos y modernos para crear tú mismo; es el placer de crear con tus manos pequeños momentos, originales y únicos. BRUDIY te facilita todo el material necesario para tus creaciones (patrones, hilos, agujas, guata de relleno...etc).

Disfruta de tu visita y sé libre de volver cuando quieras. Para cualquier pregunta no dudes en contactar conmigo. Estaré encantada de ayudarte!

Más sobre mi, mi inspiración y trabajo:

♦♦ PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/BruDiy
♦♦ FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/BruDiy

BRUDIY is all about eco-friendly crafts & DIY, all about the pleasure of creating with your own hands and enjoying at every moment. BRUDIY gives you the material required to make modern designs by yourself (patterns, yarns, hooks, wadding,T-shirt marker...etc).

Enjoy your visit and remember to come back. I'm often updating with new items!

Check out the shop policies for a more detailed information. Otherwise, please, feel free to contact me with any question. I'll be more than happy to help you!

More about me, my inspiration and work:

♦♦ PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/BruDiy
♦♦ FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/BruDiy

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