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"It turns out that if we don't hurry up and change the world,
later it's the world that changes us."

fair / reasonable, equitable.
changes / evolutions, transformations.
FairChanges is the online marketplace for sustainable projects.

The place on the internet that gathers proposals
environmentally friendly | without the middleman | made without slavery or child labor
So that consumers have an easier access to them.
Filtering by keywords, proximity, categories or up to 10 sustainable tags

If you change nothing, nothing will change


We wish health, wealth and love. But our consumption habits are unhealthy. Millions of people worldwide have difficult access to the labor market. And slavery still exists.


When we spend money, we vote for the world we want. Before shopping, did you know that hundreds of sustainable creators and producers who work preserving natural resources and people?


New technologies are very effective to interconnect people. There are over 2.7 billion people worldwide with internet access. Together we can make big changes towards sustainability.
Power of decision, % 90
Impacto, % 80
Transparency, % 85
FAIRCHANGES aims to facilitate access to sustainable consumption gathering the best sustainable creators and producers on an international award-winning platform And part of the profits helps us to make the FAIRCHANGES Collections with people at risk of social exclusion.
Changing the world may seem a utopia. But when choosing responsible consumption proposals we achieve real impacts. As preserving biodiversity. Or guaranteeing working conditions. Or local development. Or recycling. Or return to rural communities. O integration of groups at risk of social exclusion.

Our creative minds

Cristina Palacios
CEO founder and designer
Supervisor and bug
Félix Martínez
Developer and SEO auditor
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Are you a sustainable brand?
Every week we're chosing the best conscious creators and producers. Only those whose products or services are environmentally friendly and produced without slavery or child labor can participate. Are you one of them? Submit your application so that we can verify your eligibility to be on FairChanges.

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