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Aesthetics is important. Ethics is essential.

FairChanges is the green pro-human rights marketplace.
The place where local, social and green initiatives get visibility towards a sensitized audience.

The secret is ranking higher

We align our expertise with the needs of conscious creators and producers.
We deal with the technological side. And we provide simple but highly effective tools of online visibility for sustainable brands.


Our best design to welcome visitors on your shop. A custom header with the style of the marketplace to make your store shine.

SEO tools

We work according to the recommendations of Search Engines like Google to help your brand improve its ranking on the Internet.


A FairChanges badge for your website or blog to enhance link building.

Easy guided

Essentials of online visibility for sustainable brands. Brief and with no difficult words.


The items on the curated marketplace visible on smartphones and tablets with the a one-of-a-kind responsive design

Interview on the Blogs

We introduce your work to a conscious audience. We specially mind the SEO of images and texts so that your online positioning grows over time.

Real time

Add  new items to your FairChanges shop in minutes. Enrich contents with video. Your brand is alive. And so is your store.


Not just your store. Your brand is displayed alongside with the best sustainable ones on an international multi-awarded marketplace

What's different on FairChanges?
We do not just let you in. We work to ensure every brand is showcased in the best way and is surrounded by the best sustainable proposals on a multi-awarded and curated green pro human rights marketplace. We believe that concious creators and producers specialize in their work and barely have time to learn about the latest recommendations to rank higher on Google. So we manage the technical part. We focus on online visibility for sustainable brands
Why an annual positioning kit?
Unlike SEM, SEO needs time. We devote ourselves to analyze your items, tailor the content of your interview, optimize images, and provide tools of online visibility for sustainable brands. Even internationally thanks to our FairChanges Blog and Organic is Sexy
What can I expect from being on FairChanges?
Online visibility towards a concious audience, sensitized to ethical, fair and sustainable consumption. Not only international visitors can be attracted by your listings. Other sustainable brands to work with, social initiatives, and mass media visit us every day.
Your brand image will be enhanced. Online positioning will be improved. And you will contribute to raising awareness towards responsible consumption.
Why do I need good pictures?
When shopping online consumers can not appreciate details such as texture or quality of the material. Therefore it is so important to have excellent photographs of the product or service. Through a sleek design we not only try to convey the value and excellence behind sustainable projects, but also we recreate an atmosphere that invites visitors to stay.
How we work
Our mission is to bring together initiatives that produce without slavery or child labor, and with a controlled environmental impact. Only those matching our conscious audience are selected.
We work differently from other web platforms, focusing mainly on SEO positioning and top image.
Our platform has been developed by SEO experts. So that you just need to fill small simple blanks requesting the minimum information, and the system makes the rest according to the recommendations of Search Engines like Google. So you do not need advanced skills to achieve good results.
And on our curated marketplace with complementary initiatives and synergies that do not exist in a single web they occur.
In addition, we perform a personalized follow-up work to assist, advise and make you achieve better results.
Receiving orders
We try to make it absolutely without the middleman.
When a user clicks on Buy, he/she is automatically redirected to your external store. The final sale occurs there. So you do not need to manage stocks on FairChanges. And our commission is 0%.
If you do not have online store, you can also sell FairChanges. Contact us on, and we'll be happy to help.
I don't ship my items. Can I participate?
Of course. On FairChanges we work so that the work of sustainable brands gets worldwide relevance. And at the same time we favor local consumption thanks to geolocation of products and services in proximity. If you prefer not to ship, you can indicate local pick up points, as your studio or workshop, or physical stores buyers can use to pick up their orders.
I prepare my items on request. Can I participate?
Of Course. You can specify the order preparation time if you do not have stock. Detail this also in your items descriptions.
How long does it take to be on FairChanges?
We know that the sooner you start, the sooner you'll position on the internet. So, once you have submitted your application we'll try to answer you as soon as possible. Normally within 48hours. You'll also need to book your positioning kit and/or your shop plan. If your application is not approved, the full amount will be returned.
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Visibility plans

When a brand passes the selection process we can start helping it rank higher in Google.
With the best design.
You can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Rank higher in Google. Redirect to your site. Increase your audience.
  • Unlimited space in basic marketplace
  • Pro cover design
  • Easy guided SEO
  • Friendly support
  • FairChanges Badge
  • Single redirection to external site
  • No commissions
per day
monthly or semiannual payment
Top Branding
Professional communication for your digital footprint.
  • Unlimited space in top marketplace
  • Pro cover design
  • Easy guided SEO
  • Friendly support
  • FairChanges Badge
  • Multiple redirection of items to external sites
  • No commissions
  • Enriched SEO
  • Reputation feature
  • Promo publishing tool
  • Responsible purchasing wholesale options
  • Marketing plan with interview in the Blog
  • Featuring in sustainable shopping guide
  • Newsletter
  • Periodic sharing in social media
  • Monthly press release delivery to 25 mass media
  • Activity Report
per day
monthly or semiannual payment
Prices valid only for brands that meet FairChanges Criteria and commit to investing in visibility on FairChanges for at least 1 year. Monthly or semiannual payment by direct debit in euros (SEPA). Prices don’t include VAT. The contract is the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy . Each brand will be given guided access to upload its information. Photographs must be of quality, with plain background. You can check our product photography and photo edition services in case you don't comply with this requirement. In the basic plan, for brands without additions an online sales channel, commissions of 20% will apply to the total of items plus shipping. Additional supplement of 1€/month per brand for multibrand stores. Prices valid until August 31, 2016.
Payments on your site
Orders will be made on your website. Our commissions are 0%.
No need to manage stocks on our platform. So it's easier.
Each product you upload on FairChanges can be found by thousands of people. And they'll be driven to your website.
Contact us in case of any doubt. We'll be happy to help

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